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I have been Commercial Service customer for a year now, and I’ve only owned my house for year. It’s the only HVAC company I use and I’ve had them come out 2 or 3 times to look at things and fix things.

My name is Ben Cartwright. I live in Columbus, Indiana on Grandview Lake. My experience with Commercial Service is that it’s very straightforward, they’re very prompt, and they work around your schedule.

So, Commercial Service has installed a new AC in my loft room and that was actually the first major upgrade I did to my house. I would use Commercial Service again just because they’re so upfront, they’re good at communicating, and the service is excellent. I mean, every time I’ve had them come out, it was fixed the same day and I’ve had a great experience with them so far and they’ve gone above and beyond.

Upgrading your HVAC System

After purchasing his first home on beautiful Grandview Lake in Columbus, Indiana, Dr. Ben Cartwright needed a few upgrades to make his new home fit his needs. Commercial Service was his first, and only, call.

In regards to the service he received, Dr. Cartwright had this to say, “Every time I’ve had [Commercial Service] come out, it was fixed the same day. I’ve had a great experience with them so far and they’ve gone above and beyond.”

Commercial Service was responsible for one of the first major upgrades in Dr. Cartwright’s home. After successfully installing a new air conditioner in his loft, he’s made plans to have Commercial Service replace the home’s older HVAC unit in the upcoming months.

Watch Dr. Cartwright’s testimonial to see why Commercial Service is the only HVAC company he uses.

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