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Plumbing Tips: Water Conservation

Water conservation is important for many reasons, like environmental protection and cost savings. There are numerous ways to both conserve the water you use as well as determine whether or not faulty plumbing is running up your usage.

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Check for water leaks

A slow drip from a leaky faucet can waste more than 3000 gallons a year. Leaky toilets can amount to a 40% increase in your total water usage. Sometimes addressing the toilet leak can be as simple as installing a new toilet flapper, and sometimes the challenge is best addressed by a professional plumber. One way to establish whether or not you have costly water leaks, is to record your water meter reading before and after a 12-hour period of no water usage. If there is movement in your meter, you should begin to identify the location of the water leak.

Water Conservation Tips

  • Reduce your time in the shower, as each minute uses approximately 8 gallons of water. 
  • Replacing your shower head with a water-saving, low-flow shower head can save you around 5 gallons each minute you are in the shower.
  • Insulating your water pipes will achieve hotter water quicker.
  • Keep your water heater below 120 degrees to save energy.
  • Establish a compost pile in order to minimize the amount of water usage in operating the garbage disposal.
  • Water your lawn in the early parts of the morning and later parts of the evening, while avoiding watering during windy days.

We rely on water for so much of our everyday lives, which is why it's important to be conscientious of how much of it we use. At Commercial Service, we believe water conservation in home plumbing is a key step to a greener future.

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