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How does smart home automation work and how can it help your home function more efficiently?

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Security systems

Security systems have undergone a great transformation over the years. First, there were systems that sounded loud alarms, and from there, systems were made to contact emergency services after being triggered. Then video surveillance was developed, acting as an important supplement to some systems. Present-day alarm systems have advanced to the point where they can be controlled or observed through an app on your smartphone. This allows you to operate the system on the go, and not worry about forgetting to set the alarm as you are running out of the house.

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Smart lighting

Another type of smart home automation is lighting. You can now buy lightbulbs that can be controlled remotely, so you will never have to wonder if you accidentally left them on again! Smart lighting often offers security advantages, too. Practically every smart lighting system on the market offers the capability of programming, so that you may set timers for the lighting to make the house look like someone is home in the event of a vacation, for example.

Depending on which smart light bulbs you buy, there are a variety of additional settings you may have access to. You can set them up to send a message to your smart device informing you that they are about to go out and/or have them change colors! If you are interested in smart bulbs, check out this in-depth article about smart lighting by Tech Radar.

Smart kitchen appliances

Some of the most innovative and exciting devices that can make your home smarter are found in the kitchen. For instance, there are now refrigerators that have cameras on the inside. This may seem excessive, but they are actually very useful for various reasons. The first is that you can access this camera from your smartphone, so should you be at the grocery store wondering if you have eggs, you can open up the view and check! This type of home automation also offers savings when it comes to efficiency, because you do not have to constantly open the refrigerator to check for what is inside – just check the display screen on the front. This front screen also lets you do other useful things like writing a grocery list that can then be downloaded to your phone.

And the smart home automation kitchen appliances do not stop at the refrigerator; you can also buy automated trash cans, coffee makers, crockpots, and more… all of which can be regulated with a smartphone.

Smart HVAC systems

Programmable thermostats are one of the best ways to save energy and money by controlling your HVAC system to the activity and needs of your household. Commercial Service has an article dedicated to programmable thermostats, which you can read here. Beyond programmable thermostats, you can install sensors that will notify your smart device when the HVAC system needs to be checked for its monthly and annual inspections, and there are even sensors being developed that can read the activity of certain zones of your home and adjust accordingly, so you will not even have to program them.

Smart assistant systems

It is evident that there are smart devices for practically every room of your house, and they can make your home more efficient, safe, and more fun than ever before. But, it can be hard to keep track of all of these devices. As a result, smart assistants were developed. You can now purchase full systems like Amazon’s Echo and Samsung’s SmartThings that provide a hub for all of your smart home devices. Before purchasing a full home system, review this Tech Hive article to ensure which types of home automation work best for you.


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