The more you know...

I think Commercial Service is on the cutting edge. They’re always up with the latest technology. They’re honest. They’re loyal to their customers.

I’m Tom Davis. I’m a Service Technician at Commercial Service. I’m actually semi-retired. I’m working one to two days week. I started at Commercial Service in October of 1978. Used to, we were just a small company and we sort of did everything. We would go get parts, we would just go to the store and pick up what we needed. We didn’t have Pos. We didn’t have an employee handbook. There was a lot less rules, it was more of, sort of, a family atmosphere.

My plans after retirement are to move to Louisville and I actually still like the field, you know, and the other service techs, obviously we all have similar interests. So, I do know that I’m going to miss that social interaction. I also will miss working on the equipment, even though I’m ready to retire, but Scott Rink has the same values that Mike Sonneborn’s got. They’re good guys to work for, and I really don’t feel ashamed to say, “Hey I work for Commercial Service,” you know, because they stand behind what they say.

Honest HVAC and Plumbing Services

Did you know that some of our team members have been with us for over 40 years? Tom Davis, a Service Technician for our commercial projects, joined the Commercial Service team in the fall of 1978. Though he still loves the HVAC field and working on equipment, he is now ready to retire to Louisville with his family.

During his 42 years, he’s seen a lot of Commercial Service’s growth and how things have changed since the early years of the business. “Used to, we were just a small company and we sort of did everything,” he says.

Commercial Service has since grown to employ over 100 people while still maintaining that personable touch that keeps our customers coming back. We are thankful for Tom’s part in making that happen and wish him a long and relaxing retirement!