The more you know...

It was a good place to work because they’d been around Bloomington for so long. I put an application in, and they went and hired me, and the rest is history.

My name is Mark Hash, I was a lead installer for Commercial Service, and I worked here pretty much exactly 20 years. I would describe Commercial Service as a it’s a good… it’s a big company but yet small. Basic values like family, good teamwork, good support system, all three of those are very important and they have all three.

When we first started, the quality of the work was what separated from the other people and the quality of the work still remains the same regardless of the size of the company. We still have the value of do it right and do it one time.

Values Like Family

After living in Bloomington for years, Mark Hash applied for a job at Commercial Service. Two decades later, he is retiring from his career as Lead Installer. Mark describes Commercial Service as a big company with small company values like family, teamwork, and a good support system.

As a 20-year veteran of the company, Mark witnessed the company grow to what it is today. Mark takes pride in knowing Commercial Service never stopped valuing quality—what he considers a differentiating factor. "Do it right. Do it one time." Mark explained.

We are so grateful for Mark's time on our team and wish him a happy retirement!