The more you know...

A Partner that You Can Trust, to me, means that I’m gonna do a good job. I’m gonna get it right the first time. And you can rest assured that whenever I leave—it’s done.

Hi my name is George. I work at Commercial Service as a Plumbing Technician. I fix leaks, faucet repairs, shower faucets, water heaters, any plumbing issue that occurs.

My customers actually mean a lot to me. Whenever I go to their house and fix issues, communicating with them the entire time. They tell me about their day and just being able to go in and get stuff fixed and they’re happier when I leave than whenever I get there.

Commercial Service is not only a company that takes care of its customers, it also takes care of its employees as well.

The Partner You Can Trust

George Allen has been a part of the Commercial Service family for just over five years. And, as part of this family, he holds the words A Partner You Can Trust in very high regard. To him, it means, “I’m gonna get [the job] right the first time and you can rest assured that whenever I leave—it’s done.”

As a Plumbing Technician, George is your go-to guy for fixing leaks, installing water heaters, and handling every plumbing issue under the sun. His responsibilities don’t end there. Like all Commercial Service technicians, George always makes a genuine effort to put his customers first. When he visits homes, he is in constant communication with the owners, ensuring they are comfortable and happy with the work performed.