Our customers say it best

They call me by name, they know who I am, they’ve been to the restaurant, and they send that rep out so that we can get back to our normal customer experience.

Hi, my name is Ron Stanhouse and I’m the owner at Crazy Horse Tavern at 214 West Kirkwood in downtown Bloomington. One of the reasons we use Commercial Service is its family owned and it’s local. And that’s exactly what we are. That’s the same kind of approach to your business. Your theories, your motivations and so we understand that.

Commercial Service does a range of services for Crazy Horse. We do the heating and air conditioning primarily. We have three different units but then they service our mini splits and some additional supplemental air conditioners. We just recently added some air purifiers that take out bacteria and virus from the circulating air.

And so, we have a lot of trust in them, and we’ve probably used them as much or more than any other heating cooling company. Trust is a valuable commodity, and it really shapes your decisions and keeps us coming back.

Trust in Family-Owned Local Businesses

Kirkwood Avenue runs through the heart of Bloomington and is beloved by the local community. Family-owned and operated, Crazy Horse Tavern, is among the restaurants that continuously brings a special character and charm to Kirkwood Avenue. It's the family-owned trust and reliability that Commercial Service offers to Crazy Horse Tavern that keeps their HVAC systems running smoothly.

“Trust is a valuable commodity and it really shapes your decisions and keeps us coming back.” - Ron Stanhouse, Owner, Crazy Horse Tavern


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