The more you know...

And what exactly does that mean?

Not too long ago, we proudly announced that our ACCA accreditation renewal has been approved through February 2024. It was a big deal for us because it shows our commitment to doing the right thing, the right way. It also feels good to be recognized as the only ACCA Accredited Contractor within 45 miles of Bloomington, Indiana.

But what does having an ACCA-qualified contractor mean for you? Here’s our ACCA crash course on the importance of the qualification and the benefits that come from choosing a contractor with this type of recognition. 

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Why is this accreditation important?

 ACCA stands for Air Conditioning Contractors of America. It’s a national trade association that created high standards and codes for indoor environment contractors (like HVAC contractors) that work with builders and homeowners.

What makes it so important is that the association was developed by contractors, for contractors, who bring years of experience and product knowledge. According to the ACCA website, the association’s:

“..quality standards have been adopted by utilities, government agencies, manufacturers and others nationwide because these are the only standards that show how to make building truly energy efficient while ensuring occupant comfort.”

What does this mean for a customer? 

We’d like to think it isn’t true, but the reality is that there are some contractors that are better than others. The ACCA believes that builders and homeowners should be able to choose the best contractors long before they’ve hired them and have paid for disappointing work.

For companies that are qualified for new homes, like Commercial Service, it means that their contractors support ENERGY STAR efforts related to the installation of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems for newly constructed certified homes. Ultimately, it means that homeowners can be assured that ACCA contractors have superb knowledge of ENERGY STAR products and how to properly install them in a way that works for every type of home and system, saves you money and energy, and gives you the best in comfort.

What standards must be kept?

ACCA’s Quality Standards outline precisely the procedures that contractors should follow when designing, installing, maintaining, repairing, and verifying indoor environment systems.1

Every year, the standards related to working with indoor environment systems are revisited and written for the most updated information related to safety, efficiency, and comfort by top experts and contractors. These standards are then made available to contractors through PDFs they can download, online courses, videos, and even in-person workshops. After reviewing and studying these standards, contractors and businesses can apply for the ACCA accreditation by proving how they are successfully implementing these standards.

Now that you know how important it is to choose an ACCA-qualified contractor for you and your home, you can rest assured that any time you call Commercial Service, you’re getting the best contractors approved by the nation’s best contractors. So give us a call as you get your HVAC system ready for warmer weather at 812-339-9114.


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