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You might not consider the quality of the air until allergy season hits. Then, without much of a break, cold and flu season follows. While you could attempt to avoid these troubles by doing things like limiting time outside and washing your hands, you should also consider how much of an effect the air you are breathing in your own home is having on you.

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Source control – what does it mean, and how can we do it?Body

Pollutants can come from various places; they can be outdoor pollutants like carbon monoxide from your car, or indoor pollutants like solvents from household cleaners. Once you have identified the source of the pollutants specific to your home, you can start to remove those sources, or add preventative measures to reduce the pollutants through things like air filters and checking appliance emission settings.

For a more specific list of pollutants, check out this list written by AchooAllergy. Three common examples are as follows:


Dander and other particles on your furry friend(s) can be major allergen aggravators.

Home renovation activities

Renovating your home is an exciting experience, but paint, varnish, and some adhesives release harmful odors. They should only be completed when the home can be open and maximize ventilation.

Combustion sources

Some appliances like dryers and fireplaces can emit dangerous fumes if they are not properly used and/or maintained.

Ventilation improvements

Most HVAC systems do not do a great job of bringing fresh air into the home and circulating it, which can lead to a significant reduction in your indoor quality. Of course, this is easy to remedy when the weather is nice – you need only open some windows. But in the cooler months, you must take extra steps. If you have them, utilize overhead fans, or you could look at options like whole-house ventilators.

Air cleaners

Air cleaners are commonly known as air purifiers. Credible sources like Consumer Reports make it easier to shop around for an air purifier that works for your budget and your home. It is necessary to remember that it is not one-size-fits-all when it comes to air purifiers. You should purchase your device based on the types of pollutants in your home, how sensitive you and your family are to these pollutants, and lastly, the size of the room you are purifying.

In-duct Air Purifiers

Products like the GPS-FC24-AC ionization system offer a solution for an entire home or even a business. This air purifier can be installed into your existing heating or air conditioning system's air ducts. The GPS-FC24-AC air purification system reduces particles, controls smoke, neutralizes odors, kills pathogens (bacteria, viruses, mold), and helps control allergens. AND, there is up to 30% energy savings by reducing outdoor air intake by up to 75%.

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